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July 31, 2006

jquery tryout

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Today a colleaque at work asked for help on a small HTML/CSS problem, namely a design causing a bit of a headache. The underlying HTML coming from a CMS meant no possibilities of starting from there and using a CSS solution only proved not possible.

So I suggested using a bit Javascript DOM magic – actually to just insert a br or a surrounding div in this case. This would solve the problem rather nicely while being still fully usable for people with Javascript disabled (really just a small design wish, effective but not content relevant).

Writing the small script by hand would not have been a big problem but as it was for a mock-up only and I wanted to try out jquery anyway I wrote the script using that “framework”. Framework is just too big a word for such a small library which nevertheless is very powerful and because of its smallness very easy to use and write. It took only about 10 minutes to find the relevant calls in the API documentation and putting the script together which ended up being just a 3 liner…

I knew jquery was good and even suggested it to another colleaque some time ago to use in a big project we work on together but never had the time to actually use it myself. Now I know it was the right suggestion ;)

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