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July 6, 2009

@media 2009

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I have been to @media 2009 in London last week (or more exactly the week before). Again after @media AJAX 2007 a really, really good conference for web development. I did not except so much design related stuff, speakers nor attendants but actually that was a true bonus. Talks I expected nothing from were among the best (interesting, inspiring and entertaining). The 1st day was more design related with the second  with the focus more on technical stuff including usability etc.

Following just a few links to the presentations I could find online. Sadly not all seem to be available (or I am just not search-capable enough :) .

  • Andy Clark‘s “Keynote” which was really good (and presenting a workflow I strongly agree with, have agreed with for years and sometimes are even able to promote and use). Unfortunately I cannot find the slides…
  • Simon Collison on Process. Even transcribes are available:

  • Jon Hicks on Icon design (and much more!) The most surprising and one of the best talks for me. Not just “fancy icons” as I expected at first but much much more interesting stuff, sorry!
  • Dan Rubin on Designing Virtual Realism (actually not what I expected but certainly not bad)
  • Mark Boulton on Typography/Fonts for the Web which was really good and true. Mark speaks as engaged and inspiring as hardly anyone I heard before. Sadly no presentation found yet :(
  • Jason Santa Maria on Thinking Small (for website design). Nice (not as good as his designs which is no criticism because that would make him about  the best speaker ever…) but no slides either yet :(
  • Douglas Crockford on Quality most which (the lack of) was (sadly) too true (at least from my limited experience).
  • Chris Wilson on the Web Platform which unexpectedly (for me) was also about typography and fonts on the web. Good talk! No slides found yet though :(
  • Molly Holzschlag on HTML5. Shown was e.g this and a jolly talks with HTML5 itself was presented too. I expected an a bit more agressive talk after that post of her a while ago (can’t find it anymore?) but it was interesting new material about HTML5 after all. I just cannot find any more material of the talk itself…
  • Andy Budd on Guerilla Usability Testing: Good but probably as I have seen and experience a lot in this area nothing really new for me here. But again no slides found…
  • Robin Christopherson who himself is blind gave a talk on new stuff for a more accessible web. Very interesting and for anyone never seen a blind person using a laptop a revelation in itself. Definitely something I need to look more into even as I know quite a bit in this area already…

All in all a very broad spectrum of topics but just deep enough.  And therefore very recommended!

If anyone knows where to find the missing slides please let me know or put it in the comments. Very appreciated.

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