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August 30, 2005

a list apart new design

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Just read the thoughts of Jeremy Keith about the redesigned A List Apart site and I totally agree. To me it is one of the best yet not too flashy but very usable and adequate designs I’ve seen in a while and I especially like the simple but very effective hover effects on headlines (not the main navigation hovers, they are just ok).

But I also wondered why the site uses a 1024px fixed layout.

I use a standard TFT with 1280×1024 screen at home but still 1024 is too wide for my normal browsing behaviour having the bookmark or any other sidebar open. Then I have a maximum of maybe 900-1000px for the main browser window which is not enough for the new A List Apart.

I always thought a fixed design is not a good idea at all but I also know a liquid design is hard (although I normally try this for my own sites, if I succeed is another question ;) . But from a site showing best practices and cutting edge web technology I expect something better than the long ago claim “1024 is what everybody wants now”.

I just had a report on a major german website and only about 70% of the users actualy have a 1024px screen (whether they use the complete space for the browser was not even counted). But about 10-15% use 800px and another 10% have 1280px screens or even larger.
This might not be the general case for all sites but shows the problem quite well. With a fixed 1024px design you annoy people with smaller screens but also people with 1024 or bigger screens. Jakob Nielsen even complained onces that his 2056px (or so) wide screen can never be used to its full size, not even if he wanted to.

Nevertheless the design in general is just beautiful, I guess Jason Santa Maria is a really great designer (you should take a look on his photos, best ones I’ve seen for a long time).

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