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May 13, 2008

cssutils ongoings

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I am busy with a few other things so the new release of cssutils is coming up a bit slow.

A few changes (and not even very minor) have been added to trunk and so next beta will have them. I know they should have been in an alpha release but it’s all just tags…

I guess after this beta (maybe I find the time in the next 2 weeks or so) there will even be a “final” release for the current version 0.9.5. There has not been a “final” release of any version since – I really don’t know – maybe 0.5.3? But maybe doing some alphas, betas and a final is better than just leave it with a beta?

Anyway, there is work underway and hopefully a new release this month. (I guess this post is mostly to keep myself actually doing it…)

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