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March 24, 2008

cssutils 0.9.5b2

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Already a new release. At least the broken features in b1 are fixed. There are a few open ends but nothing that serious.

Also the fixes did not take as much time as expected. And a few other minor fixes are onboard as well. I guess cssutils is getting better and better (still hardly good enough though ;) )

There probably will be one or two further 0.9.5 beta releases before I start on 0.9.6. There are a few things I like to really check out before delving into stuff like querying a stylesheet (hope at least to get started with it for 0.9.6) and maybe registration of property validation and maybe also custom @rules. There are also a few other areas I would like to do (if I get the time) namely optimizing serialization which would be nice if ordered by selector specificity (indented more as specificity gets higher, I do this when writing CSS by hand but hope to make this happen automatic). And I guess reworking the whole CSSValue stuff which is redefined in CSSOM as compared to CSS 2.1 DOM would be good to do sooner than later.

let’s see…

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