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March 20, 2008

cssutils 0.9.5b1

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finally a new release! It took so long as main task was to add more tests and that is not really the work I enjoy the most…

Tests use minimock now which is small and simple.

Also the licenses have been simplified. To be really honest the license does not really interest me much. I chose the LGPL as XOM uses it and I reckon Elliotte Rusty Harold knows more about this than I ever want to ;)

I guess I view licenses more like marketing / selling / other boring stuff which I do not particularly am interested nor good in. Guess I should be but I actually like the actual “meat” of the stuff…

anyway, too much mumbling, should get some eyes shut…


It is not that I do not do any testing (cssutils currently has 262 tests, hardly enough but not that bad either). But the latest beta is not as good as it should be. 2 new features do not really work and it seems the basic feature of parsing is a little strange. As long as not import rules should be resolved (which is broken) and parseURL() is not used (which is broken and will change quite a bit) the release is ok I guess. Still annoying…

Also I played around with some things and found quite a few points which should have been fixed long ago. Nothing serious but some areas where setting a property would corrupt a complete stylesheet (e.g. setting CSSImportRule.type which definitely should be readonly). I fixed these things and I guess just playing around a bit does help finding things (not necessarily bugs but these too).

Anyway, I hope I get a new rel over easter. Unfortunately I will be away for a few days next week so it might get a little later.

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