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June 26, 2005

encutils 0.1

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Originally developed for an addition of the cssutils package this small helper set of functions sprung out. The whole issue of encodings relating to HTTP header information, Media-Types, encoding information in the files themselves like HTML meta elements or the XML declaration is a tricky business. I read the O’Reilly article XML on the Web Has Failed quite a while ago and actually used it as a starting point. I guess I missed lots of tiny bits in the array of specifications but hopefully this thing will prove useful.

I could not find any Python library doing this kind of stuff (I currently need HTML and XML only) so I thought thats a small enough project I might be able to handle. If there is a similar
library or so available please let me know but at least it was kind of fun to work on it.

If you find any problems, issues or spec violations please tell me too…

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