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May 17, 2007

only solution a whitelist?

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I get about 200+ spam emails a day for some days now. There seems no possibility for Thunderbird to recognize these and 200 or more compared to about 2-10 wanted emails a day is simply too much. The only solution seems a whitelist which I effectively started today. I guess there will be mails being lost to me but it is way too much hassle going through 200 mails every day (not even counting the ones being reported as spam by my mail program). I am afraid if I cannot check my mails for a day or two as then the stack piles to nearly a 1000 emails which simple takes too much time to look through.

So if you really need to contact me and you are not someone I expect a mail from I don’t know what a reliable way there is anymore… for the people who have my phone number that’s ok, for others you may want to use the comments on this blog which of course are filtered too and I take the time to look through only about once a month as the ratio of spam to wanted comments is even worse of about 100:1 not counting recognized spam of course.

So this post is filed under death, and I guess emails is like that now, nearly unusable as I guess I even have not one the highest email/spam traffic of even the limited amount of people I know. Sad.

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