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March 3, 2007

Ajax history

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I added Ajax functionality to parts of my showcase website namely to most of the galleries (like the photo or portrait gallery) a while ago. The galleries are build using a simple homegrown gallery XML format which is rendered with XSLT. Adding the Ajax functionality was not very difficult, I use the fine JQuery library for that. (I still have to migrate my own scripts of the past years to use JQuery which should make most of them obsolete but also easier to use and also much shorter ;) .

Adding a working browser history to it was not as easy as expected though. I simply did not understand how to bring the available JQuery history plugins to work. The whole matter is not easy but not too difficult and to better understand what is going on I decided to build my own history (but still using JQuery of course).

First try was to use the URL hash method which does work perfectly on Firefox, but not on IE (for reasons query Google for “ajax history”, several interesting sites describe the problems much better than I can). The “hack” using dynamic built iframes does work xbrowser (at least Firefox and IE, Safari is a different beast [as far as I understand no working possibility yet at all], I did not test Opera yet) so I changed the implementation to use iframes instead.

It does work now, only missing bit is bookmarking which would be possible if I added the URL hash in addition to the iframe hacking. I may add it in the future, it is not a very important issue for the use case on the galleries though as they are too simple to actually need bookmarking on single works in one gallery (there is always an overview). More applicationary sites would need that though.

BTW, during testing I found a bug (at least I think it is one) in JQuery which was very hard to track down. Most people probably won’t be affected by it but for people using REST it might be quite relevant.

Basically IE below version 7 seems to use POST for all Ajax requests if initialized with the wrong ActiveX control. The servlet I wrote for my galleries implements GET only so it resulted in a “Method not implemented” HTTP error which I never saw before (as most servlets use the same implementation for GET and POST, which is even recommended by most books but maybe it is not too intelligent anymore) and did not know where it may came from. Tracking it down was not easy as I normally use all the fine Firefox plugins like Firebug or LiveHTTPheaders which simple are of no use debugging IE ;)
But I came accross Fiddler some time ago which actually tracks all HTTP traffic on a PC. So after checking that I saw that IE used POST for its Ajax requests which of course failed on a servlet implementing GET only…

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