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November 9, 2006

JQuery and IE7

Filed under: Javascript — see @ 10:50 pm

Seems JQuery is IE7 compatible. I have a few glitches in IE7 on my private site for which I had no time to fix yet. I also wanted to try out JQuery for some time now, again a lack of time. At work I had a chance to do some tryouts for a projects and also found this great documentation for JQuery. So I started adjusting the scripts on my personal site to use JQuery. At least for the first problem I tackled it was easy and fixed the problem.

I actually have quite a lot of self-written scripts on my site for some years now which could have been build into a library I guess but I never came around actually doing it. I think I was more interested in other things (XML, Python) in the last years and ignored Javascript for the time. But in hindsight the stuff is not really that bad, e.g. I have a kind of effects lib for opening popups (sliding, moving, centered etc). This could be transferred to a JQuery plugin or at least application I guess.

Anyway, first I need to redo all scripts with JQuery, which does seem to simplify and shorten scripts quite a lot…


I fixed all bug I knew with a few tweaks in my scripts using JQuery methods, mostly its excellent “dimensions.js” plugin which gives access to browser information like document or window height, width etc. I had a build a few methods myself for these kind of information but IE7 broke a few. IE6 was annoying enough I remember now as it handles even standards and quirks mode different in its DOM information. So much easier to use a lib like JQuery instead of hacking around in a script that actually hinders one doing the nice stuff…


  1. Hello! We do have the same problem as yours. The program we created using JQuery did not work in IE 7, only in Firefox. Can you please help us? Thanks!

    Comment by NikoLey — August 14, 2008 @ 5:30 pm

  2. Actually jQuery fixed my problems as my home grown scripts were to old and using a javascript lib is much more convenient…

    Comment by see — August 14, 2008 @ 8:57 pm

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