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June 14, 2005

suicide on rails

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I wonder why people commit suicide on rail tracks. Today the train I was travelling with, caused such a death (and consequently delayed all people for at least 2 hours). Maybe the suicidalist actually wanted to put off all these people…

Anyway, in my opinion there are far nicer possibilities for suicide. Apart from my first unintentional attempt by trying to plug my lego train into the main power outlet to speed it up when I was about 5 or 6 years old (nothing happened BTW, I just ruined the train…) I always imagined if I really wanted to commit suicide it would be in a nice way and in a way I could do something I always wanted to do namely flying (I guess only germans write such long sentences…). I imagined jumping from a really high mountain or better a skyscraper would at least be some fun. Of course there is the danger of actually hurting innocent bystanders by “dropping dead on them”. (This gets silly…) Also there is the danger that while actually flying it makes so much fun that the death wish finally is no one anymore…

Sorry for babbling about probably a sad thing but well…

(And sorry for the title, any similarity is totally intended as anything seems to be “on rails” currently).

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