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April 21, 2008

CSS validator on Google AppEngine

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After I got my AppEngine invitation last weekend I put a very simple CSS validator application together (based on the guestbook demo ;) ). No info or style yet and not complete either but I wanted to play around with AppEngine.

One problem is that apps cannot make URL requests via urllib so actually resolving @import rules in given CSS sheets does not work currently. I guess I need to rewrite the underlying cssutils library a bit to actually use Googles urlfetch lib. Seems easy, only missing thing is time ;)

April 3, 2008

Good programmers MUST use OS X ???

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normally do not partake in all these Mac is better – Windows is better – Linux is better stuff. But An article on “Loud thinking” actually annoyed me. Some excerpts:

OS X offers the best personal computing experience available today

This may be different for different people. Simply historical reasons or personal stuff effects this judgement, so this does basically says nothing.

If you don’t care enough about your tools to get the best, your burden of proof just got a lot heavier.

I actually do care a lot about the tools I use. That is the main reason I do not use OS X. A tool you have problems to work on without a mouse is a tool that makes you not as productive as you could and want to be. I am no vi hero but simply to control a browser with the keyboard makes me more productive. (OS X without a mouse is like eating without hands.)
There are other reasons why people think one tool/OS is better than another but again denying peoples differences is too simplifying. Denying peoples’ reasoning is a tiny bit ignorant.

Besides I don’t think the OS is the main question today. More and more apps are available on the web (Maps, Office, etc), so to be able to have access to a good browser (be it Firefox on Win/OSX/L) or Safari (OSX/Win) or maybe even Opera) is the more important question. Not so important the question if you use that on Windows or Mac OS. Also the question of programming language is more important than on which OS you are developing it on. Most languages are more or less plattform independent. And also the infrastructure (IDE, Versioning, Server) most of the time is available for at least Windows and Mac (Java, Python; Javascript being even more independent mostly running in the browser).

If you have any desire working for the rising rank of companies building their business on open source technologies, you don’t want to carry a liability like that around on you resume.

Maybe one should first look how “open source” the “alternative” Mac OS is. How lame can one be to say “I do open source and therefor use OS X” but depend on one of the “closest source” companies imaginable? If Apple would be bigger than MS I fear it would even be more evil if one defines MS as evil. “iTunes”, “iPod” and even the Mac Hardware is the stuff MS is dreaming of….

(BTW, isn’t the productiveness of the developer (in any aspect) it’s main value?)

Armin has a very sharp answer to the post too but I think his final conclusion just says what the situation actually is like: Any plattform has it’s strengths and weaknesses. Denying peoples intelligence is ignorant and arrogant. Where does it stop, does wearing white shirts instead of black turtlenecks make you suspicious too?

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