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March 24, 2008

cssutils 0.9.5b2

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Already a new release. At least the broken features in b1 are fixed. There are a few open ends but nothing that serious.

Also the fixes did not take as much time as expected. And a few other minor fixes are onboard as well. I guess cssutils is getting better and better (still hardly good enough though ;) )

There probably will be one or two further 0.9.5 beta releases before I start on 0.9.6. There are a few things I like to really check out before delving into stuff like querying a stylesheet (hope at least to get started with it for 0.9.6) and maybe registration of property validation and maybe also custom @rules. There are also a few other areas I would like to do (if I get the time) namely optimizing serialization which would be nice if ordered by selector specificity (indented more as specificity gets higher, I do this when writing CSS by hand but hope to make this happen automatic). And I guess reworking the whole CSSValue stuff which is redefined in CSSOM as compared to CSS 2.1 DOM would be good to do sooner than later.

let’s see…

March 20, 2008

cssutils 0.9.5b1

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finally a new release! It took so long as main task was to add more tests and that is not really the work I enjoy the most…

Tests use minimock now which is small and simple.

Also the licenses have been simplified. To be really honest the license does not really interest me much. I chose the LGPL as XOM uses it and I reckon Elliotte Rusty Harold knows more about this than I ever want to ;)

I guess I view licenses more like marketing / selling / other boring stuff which I do not particularly am interested nor good in. Guess I should be but I actually like the actual “meat” of the stuff…

anyway, too much mumbling, should get some eyes shut…


It is not that I do not do any testing (cssutils currently has 262 tests, hardly enough but not that bad either). But the latest beta is not as good as it should be. 2 new features do not really work and it seems the basic feature of parsing is a little strange. As long as not import rules should be resolved (which is broken) and parseURL() is not used (which is broken and will change quite a bit) the release is ok I guess. Still annoying…

Also I played around with some things and found quite a few points which should have been fixed long ago. Nothing serious but some areas where setting a property would corrupt a complete stylesheet (e.g. setting CSSImportRule.type which definitely should be readonly). I fixed these things and I guess just playing around a bit does help finding things (not necessarily bugs but these too).

Anyway, I hope I get a new rel over easter. Unfortunately I will be away for a few days next week so it might get a little later.

March 2, 2008

Namespaces are bad but just not bad enough?

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namespaces are one of the arguments people keep pushing when they want to reject XML (as whole or not). That was the first argument Dave Winer threw on RSS 1.0 back in 2000 and last year at XTech 2007, this was again one of the main arguments the WHATWG threw against XHTML 2.0. And people keep doing that because they’ve noticed that we can’t seriously deny that XML namespaces are insane and because we’ve written it many times in the past

–Eric van der Vlist on the xml-dev mailing list, Tuesday, 12 Feb 2008 20:31:19


Every now and then people seem to argue against namespaces but it seems there is no better alternative just yet:

Compare with (W3C) DOM: DOM is bad, really bad, and so people went and invented something better: JDOM, dom4j, XOM etc for Java; Amara, ElementTree for Python; see your favorite XML tool for your language and even DOM based wrapper libraries like jQuery (which does more but can be seen as a DOM replacement) for Javascript used in Browsers which only have access to the DOM.

Compare to (W3C) XML Schema: XML Schema is at least not what it has been hoped for, for some people just a failure. So people went and invented something better like Schematron, Examplotron etc and probably most importantly Relax-NG which is getting more and more support in the last years.

But namespaces? Maybe I am being ignorant to alternative propositions but it seems no one came up with a better solution yet. Of course namespaces are a bit more core XML then DOM or XML Schema but hey, people even suggest improvements for XML 2.0 (see the current discussion on xml-dev).

So I guess namespaces are just not bad enough ;)

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