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January 2, 2008

cssutils ongoings

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I started to actually query the sheets cssutils already does parse. Selector specificity is halfway done (ugly word BTW) but during development I found some serious issues. The CSSStyleDeclaration retrieval methods all ignored the priority of a property and some other minor stuff. I think it is fixed now but I need to do some more tests. But I guess at least an initial 0.9.5 alpha is due soon.

On a sidenote, 0.9.4b1 had the most downloads in the first days since release of all cssutils versions ever. I don’t get too much feedback (bad as would like to hear more, good as I probably won’t have the time to cope with much more ;) ) but it seems CSS in general and therefor “CSS libraries” have become more important in the last years despite CSS being around even before 2000. I guess CSS is taken more seriously as it is used quite nicely for e.g. selectors in libs like jQuery or lxml.

(I know cssutils is not hardly as useful but I think it is getting somewhere currently)

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