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November 10, 2007

@media ajax

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I will be at @media ajax from 19-20 November in London. Really looking forward to it :)
@media ajax

Javascript is besides Python one of my favourite languages. Especially with libs like jQuery which (only partly of course) seem to be influenced by Python. Despite having Java in its name Javascript feels much nearer to Python then to Java.

November 8, 2007

Eggs and SVN

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great intro to setuptools (which I use but still have unanswered questions about…) and SVN

Creating a Python Package Using Eggs and Subversion

I adjusted cssutils with some of the stuff, a great help!

Especially how to incorporate ez_setup is really nice, I always wondered how to do it and just changed the handling in cssutils 0.9.4a3 but now even better.

November 5, 2007

wasting time

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On my more private site I have a massive problem with spam send via the contact form (which all ends up in my mailbox as there is (as far as I know as least) no way to use it to send mails to other people but still :( ). So I thought putting recaptcha on the form just like on this blog. Problem is the contact form is JSP which I build a couple of years ago (when still interested in Java). Today just doing all the stuff you need to do when writing Java (e.g. compared to Python or Javascript: all these “;” or just the compiling, baah) is just awful and makes no fun at all. Luckily the java implementation and the example provided are very very good and easy to use. I just forgot to generate a new recaptcha ID for the different domain…

I hope this whole undertaking (more or less more than an hour wasted) helps at least getting rid of all this meaningless spam. Actually all mails coming from the form was almost always considered spam by me so it may have been easier to remove the form completely…

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