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July 30, 2007

Python should good must read…

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July 29, 2007

Blogger Code 2.0

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Sometimes I do surveys (just for fun, most questions are quite dumb anyway). Anyway, this is my Blogger Code 2.0:
B6 D+ T K- S F- I- O+ X– E L- C- Y4 R- W+ P+ M5 N- H

July 26, 2007

cssutils 0.9.2 beta 1 released

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After a bugfix to issue #3 reported on Google Code I released 0.9.2b1 of cssutils today. The bug was rather strange at first glance as it was triggered with the following StyleRule:


which lost the actual id name and came out as “# {}” instead of “#id {}”. I tried to confirm it but it took me a while to realize that it only occured if “#id” was not followed by a space but with the line break directly.

It is a problem in the cssutils tokenizer which was quite quick to fix but it is an area of code which I am not really satisfied with. However it does work and passes all tests and as I have not a lot of time currently and have not received any issue reports apart from this one I thought moving to “beta” status would be ok. I fear though that altough I have quite a few test cases yet they are still not nearly enough.

July 17, 2007

reStructuredText and S5 presentation

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I wrote a very simple server for reStructuredText files quite a while ago. Also I did look into S5 quite a while ago including the option to write the presentation in ReST and convert it to S5 HTML with docutils. The somehow logical conclusion (which I failed to see for quite a while as well…)was to adjust the restserver to actually output S5 directly. So S5server got released today. Mainly as a friend at work needed to write an S5 presentation and this makes it very simple and to be able to concentrate on the writing and not any conversion, scripting etc…

If there is also such a thing let me know, hardly worth having two of the same things around.

Maybe a bit over the top to give the S5server its own release but on the other hand it looked useful just on its own.

July 15, 2007

Delete a file from Google Code

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I finally found the link to delete a file from a Google Code project. I had some very buggy releases of cssutils which I already labelled as “deprecated” but could not found any way to delete these files. The help does not help much (there is not really a lot there) so I looked through the community groups and found something. On the file detail view of a file there is a section “Edit Download” which I assumed to have delete option as well. But a link to delete is actually to be found on the right side of the main menu bar at the top! I totally failed to see this link as it is quite small and so thought there is no way to delete a file…

Anyway, the most offending files (which were useless and big) are removed apart from this file which somehow won’t delete… The system does show the link to the delete page but there is no delete button as there is for other files. I could not even hack the form, I tried using a different form and replace the filename parameter or I renamed the “deprecated” button to “delete” but no way (I did try it for 2 minutes with Firebug only though). So I put a custom label on it just to mark it and let it stay, at least for now.

But very strange indeed. Deleting files from Google Code is too complicated and I seem to have triggered a bug too…

July 9, 2007

What is allowed in a URL parameter name?

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I am wondering what actually is allowed in a URL parameter name? Skimming RFC 3368 does not really gave me a proper answer (probably I am not reading properly enough though). But as far as I understand it any character should be allowed if escaped (if necessary). So an URL like should work, and also parameter names like “öäü€” should work if escaped, which would look like

I tried that in a simple Tomcat servlet and also a simple PHP page, both give the correct anwer, if asking I got the respective parameter value by its name.

Question is if that is like it should be or if both are simply very forgiving?

A real edge case would be a parameter name like “[a='1']” which would look URL encoded like:

Should that actually work? At least a browser does not seem to escape this properly, if putting this into a HTML form like <input name=”[a='1']“>. But using Javascripts encodeURIComponent() function does result in the above escaped version, which should work when sending the form via Ajax (still need to try that out) (and in this case Ajax would be ok as its not an open web page).

Does anyone know if the above assumption are correct and a complete and proper escaping of parameter names should work?

BTW, this is not just a quest for knowledge ;) but I tried to use former XPath expressions as parameter names to use them later on the resulting values. Maybe a bit strange but so I may have parameter names like x[@y='5']…

July 1, 2007

blogging style

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I just noticed I use ellipses and ;) quite a lot in my posts. (And I do like notes in parenthesis too I guess ;) )…


RESTfull Web Services

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Finally I got the new book by O’Reilly. I have been interested in what REST really is and how to use it properly for quite a while now and a current project at work really “cries” for it.

The book is very very good. Easy to read, good examples and deep explanations how to build a real world service. One of the best (technical) books I read for a while I guess. It is of course quite biased against SOAP/WSDL/WS* like “Big Web Services” (nice label BTW) but chapter 10 explains this quite neatly. I guess a tiny bit like the programming in “Big Java” as opposed to much simpler (but not less powerful!) languages like Python( or even Ruby). (Example code is in Ruby which I somehow avoid being more a Python guy. This should be in no way a discussions about these 2 languages (enough flame wars already) but Pythons much cleaner and more logical syntax much more fits my personal style (maybe because being a designer in a former life ;) ))

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