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February 22, 2007


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Updates are quite frequent now, good for security but bad for users as updates need to be done almost weekly…

I hope upgrades work as smooth as they used to be for the last few times, I better not imagine a complete failing upgrade…

February 21, 2007


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The traffic generated by the cssutils downloads is almost too much for my current quota for this site so I moved the files over to a friends site which is hardly used yet anyway. I guess reliability is even better, there is always the option to download cssutils from cheeseshop.

February 19, 2007

cssutils (a bit embarrassing)

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After looking at my stats for this site I noticed a heavy peak from the 12th on. So I looked into it and found cssutils had a download count of over 600 for 3 days compared to just about 50 for the whole January…

I found that cssutils is actually mentioned on the W3 CSS website

Of course I am a bit proud ;) . Not proud on the other hand for the fact that I have currently not the time to do a lot of work to complete the lib. As written before I plan to do a new release this or next month. Let’s see what I can do, at least this encouragement may help my motivation…

February 12, 2007

cssutils future

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I did get the second complain about cssutils being too slow today. And I know it may well be.

I also know the code may not be the best yet and there are quite a few possibilities for optimization or general refactoring. Priority is to make it complete and working first though, optimization is not the focus currently.

Problem too is that I have not a lot of spare time currently as I am quite busy at my job.

Plan is to put the missing parts of the specification into cssutils in the next month or two (mainly the CSSValue and related interfaces), rework some details and maybe then look into performance…

I am sorry if you expect anything better now, but at least I said so now ;)

Of course if anyone has code suggestions about optimizations (or anything else) let me know.

February 10, 2007

Water Madness

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how much water, fuel etc is used to sell one bottle of water in the U.S.

nothing to add really

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