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December 24, 2006

new minor retest release

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While updating the copyright to include 2007 on this site I reread all pages. Looking at my own retest again made it look a bit akward. The three boxes 1. regex, 2. text and 3. result seemed now in the wrong order. So I did swap regex and text and while looking through the whole thing did some minor tweaks mainly regarding the layout. Anyway, I did put a new retest 0.6.1 online.

During testing I found the accesskeys like ALT-T did not work in Firefox. I am quite sure they did work in the 1.0 or 1.5 release of Firefox. A quick googling (sadly no hint in the Firefox help?) did show that Firefox uses SHIFT-ALT for accesskeys. A bit akward but still working.

December 21, 2006

holiday activities

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It seems programmers have too much time over the holidays ;) , in this case xmas. Just look on the Python announce list. During the last weeks there was not too much traffic (but enough!), in the last 2 days there is a considerable higher amount of posts about new releases and I guess there will be even more in the days after xmas. But hey, this is just how I do it ;)

I fear though I won’t be able to shuff out a new release of cssutils over the holidays as I am a bit too busy on other smaller website projects. There will be a new feature on in January which I need to prepare for so that has priority…

December 5, 2006

cssutils 0.9.1 beta 1

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Today I released the cssutils 0.9.1 beta 1. New are mainly the implementation of @page rules. Also new are @namespace rules which have no official DOM yet but I tried to implement it according to the other rules. Also parts of the CSS3 Selectors API is implemented, namely the namespace support like “xsl|value-of” which selects elements “value-of” in the “xsl” namespace (if that is declared).

Also quite a few bugfixes and other improvements did make it in this release. There are a lot of details which I did not do properly or not at all until now. Probably no one is using them anyway (CSSRule.parentStyleSheet anyone?) but one by one I try to put them in. The official API is not that big, but still quite a lot of stuff to do.

I guess 0.9.1 will be a “real” release latest at the end of the year. A few bugfixes and new tests are still missing. 0.9.2 will be after that, in which I plan to implement the CSSValue interfaces. I actually had a request for these (hi Dom ;) but I wanted to complete the surrounding stuff first and @namespace was just small enough to do beforehand (also I wanted to do that for a long time).

December 2, 2006

Thunderbird IMAP access

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Today I tried to get to mails on an IMAP server with Thunderbird. Normally I use Outlook but I do not use Outlook at home. Normally not a problem but I noticed I did not see all my mail folders which I had in Outlook. Turns out Thunderbird has problems with folders like “x/y” (a slash) where he simply stops showing even other folders without a slash in the name. I do not know if names with “/” in it are actually allowed but Outlook handles them like other names.

Anyway, changing the name to “xy” did solve the problem in this case, still not really satisfying. Guess it would be safest to use only names with “a-z0-9_-” or something like that in them.

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