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October 29, 2006

new cssutils alpha

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I just upload a new cssutils alpha. While spending most of the last weeks of development (whenever I had some spare time) added more unittests I found quite a few bugs. I added the @media rule in this version and also some minor enhancements in the parser and serializer. I guess I am still not sure if cssutils will become a lib which actually is able to pretty print a given stylesheet without removing any relevant information like various CSS hacks. This was the original intention ;) but then I started implementing the CSS DOM. Something like

a { w\idth: 10px; width: 20px }

is used for crossbrowser development frequently but a DOM implementation should only see “width: 20px”. I’d like to keep both values which is not too difficult but actually clashes sometimes while implementing the official specs. Ideally I’d like to have both, a CSS DOM implementation and something similar to a CSS editor…

Well, quite a few things to do but I guess this alpha will be the final 0.9 release. I intend to put some new stuff in the 0.91 release which is worth the version change.

live concert and CD music

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I went to a live jazz concert (a young german piano trio called [em]) in one of probably germany’s best jazz clubs. The convert was very very good and I bought the CD right away at the club.

Normally I try to sit right at the front the see what is going on on the stage, preferably near the drummer, which mostly is the most interesting (in this case very much indeed!). The music is a bit distorted actually as the piano is of course not as loud as the drums as it is farther away and even the amplifiers have no change against a drummer :) . Still the music is great. Strange thing is when I listen to the music on CD afterwards. Now the piano is much more prominent, the drums are a bit more in the background. Seems logical of course but makes the music quite a bit different.
It would be great to be able to listen to one’s own mix where e.g. the position of the listener may be rearranged e.g. behind the drums, near the piano or near the base player, so much more dependend where one actually sits during a concert…

Maybe in the jazz club I went it is a bit more dramatic than elsewhere as the stage actually is in between the listeners which sit on both sides of the band (the other sides are a wall and the area to the bar where again some people sit and listen). So one actually is able to site quite near the drum and the piano is on the other side of the stage, not just on the left and right like on a normal stage but at the front and at the back…

October 26, 2006


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Just a short note to self what I am doing all week. Mostly work and less sparetime so I did not make a new release of cssutils but I hope to finish one over the weekend which should include CSSMediaRule again.

Elsewhere I installed Firefox 2 which seems much faster than 1.5 but I need some time to get used to the new tab close buttons which are in the same place as in Eclipse (at the tab) but I was used to the former position on the right of the tab area. Otherwise the same fine browser as before…

Need to install IE7 which I probably will do in a VirtualPC VM first as I need IE6 for testing CSS stylesheets and javascripts. Or I put IE6 in a VM and just install IE7, might even be more reasonable. Anyway, actually just rather boring things currently…

October 16, 2006

cssutils documentation started

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I know the cssutils documentation is absolutely lacking. Today I started rewriting the cssutils main page to actually reflect the current version 0.9a5 which I released yesterday. During final testing of the provided examples I found quite a few differences to the older versions so the docs had to be adjusted quickly. I hope now at least the basic stuff is explained a bit. I included short examples how to parse, customize logging and serializing (both may change a bit but should generally work like now) and also how to build a stylesheet from scratch.

Sticking more to the W3C DOM API actually changed the API quite a bit. But I think it generally is quite logic and also the W3C DOM spec (css, stylesheets) may (partly) be used as a reference. I added some classes mainly for CSSStyleDeclaration Selector handling which seemed to have changed anyway in the current CSS version but that is not finished yet but still a working draft only.

I still have quite a long list of todos which is only slowly getting shorter (actually growing in between) which is also not nice as I do not have the spare time I would like to. But I think small steps will bring this thing a bit further and the worst parts (I hope ;) are done.

Some people may think that providing a non-conformant (or not complete) implementation of a standard is hardly worth the effort but I guess something is better than nothing. Even browsers do not implement the complete CSS spec (ok, admittedly more than this lib but hey it’s only kind of a hobby) so all in all not so bad, is it not?

October 9, 2006

Virtual PC 2004 SP1 bug

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After trying some stuff on the VPC I installed this weekend I ran into the issue not being able to use characters only available with ALT-GR like ~, | or {} (all on german keyboards). This seems a confirmed bug but no fix is available for public download.

Only workaround is the following rather complicated thing:

  1. press and hold ALT GR
  2. press left CTRL (german STRG) and release
  3. press the key you want like e.g. ~ on *+ key

Funny enough € (EURO sign) does work without this workaround!?

October 8, 2006

Ubuntu on Virtual PC 2004 with Python 2.4

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After a long time of wanting to actually install Linux on my PC I opted to just install Ubuntu on Virtual PC 2004. VPC is free for some time now which I simply did not fully recognize until the system admin at work told me (and which I now use at work to use a VPN without cutting off all other communication).

So I installed VPC, downloaded the newest Ubuntu 6.06.1 ISO dist, made it available for VPC and installed Linux which almost no problem. Only hitch was a messup of colors which (and its solution) is explained on the Ubuntu website. It even seems to have improved in v6 as starting the installer in safe mode was sufficient. I did not have to manually change the color depth from 24bit to 16bit which is the problem, it seems to be done automatically.

Only slightly annoying details are:

  • wheel on the mouse does not work unter Linux
  • had to install SMB to access Windows files under Ubuntu (but very simple: sudo apt-get install samba smbfs)
  • my PC is a bit slow :(
  • a bit more RAM would probably be better too ;(

Reasons to install Linux were actually 2 different ones.
First, to be able to build a Python 2.4 egg for cssutils as I use Python 2.5 on my Windows install now (does work and I expect to publish cssutils 0.9a5 with both Python 2.4 and 2.5 eggs). I guess installing different Python version in one OS is possible but I somehow remember reading some posts about possible problems and the VPC solution is even better as I also have the possibility to test the lib (and other stuff) under Linux.
Second to get a feel for Linux/Unix in general. Apart for some reading about and a bit hacking at work I have not had any deeper experience yet.

So all in all a very pleasing experience so far…

October 4, 2006

Life and Death

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Just noticed I had 6 posts on category Life and also 6 on Death. As Death is a subcategory of Life (at least in this blog ;) and Life has also subcategories Death is actually more present than life. This entry changes all this again but anyway… strange observation

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