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January 31, 2006

Twisted book

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I read the new book on Twisted by O’Reilly last week and was really disappointed. I expected an “Essentials” book like the really nice Jython Essentials book but the one on Twisted is more or less a Twisted Cookbook and a tiny one too. Almost no information about the framework itself, the architecture/layout of it or the big picture with maybe comparisons with other frameworks etc. Only one “recipe” after another. Also as no real explanation but “working” code is given it will probable fade to work after a short while. One (or maybe just me?) cannot understand WHY something is done, only HOW it is done.

Very, very disappointing…

January 22, 2006

image/pjpeg !

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Developing and testing mainly in Firefox even gives headaches with server side programming which I thought was browser-opaque. Wrong. I was wondering why an upload of a simple JPG image would fail. After some debugging I first noticed I was oppressing all error messages I wanted to give in the app I developed… Kind of embarassing as this was I missed the error message which would have explained the original error.

The actual error was coming from Internet Explorer’s strange behaviour not sending a MIME-type of “image/jpeg” as all sane browsers and I guess also all sane programmers would do but instead send an “image/pjpeg” which I did not expected and so did not handle.

So one fault for me but a really strange one for IE…

January 11, 2006

cdot update

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After quite some time I did some work on I put some drawings online I did last year and rearranged quite a few things along the way.

For quite some time now I use a custom XML format which contains data for a “gallery” which contains single work items or series of work items. This XML is transformed to HTML with XSLT. A small set of XSLT renders almost all major galleries on the website now which is convinient and a hassle at the same time. New features and improvements are automatically on all pages but of course all pages need to be checked too. As this still seems almost impossible to automate this is quite some work… maybe I can check out Selenium or another web test framework but I doubt it will help much as I have not only to test for text etc but for a nice layout.

At least the site is small enough to do all by hand…


Filed under: Java,Jython,Programming — see @ 12:12 am

found this presentation on Jython which mentions jylluminate, a thing I was looking for for a long time now. Quite often I try some java library to test and check how it works or how to do something with it in Jython, so much more convinient than actually using Java itself.

BTW, a colleaque insists Eclipse does all he wants so he will even be quicker (regarding typing) with it compared to my Jython but of course less typing alone is not everything Jython makes a better Java or even bearable…
Even he admitted conversion of arrays to lists and back with all the casting and even for a java programmer unusual syntax is at best awkward.

I guess quite a few programmers in the java world give up on certain libraries and work a way around the original problem as I just experienced with a simple problem in DOM4J which took only a few lines in Jython (or even better the jyconsole (forgot the link…)) which is really great to work with.
Maybe just my experience but I saw it a few times and wonder if that might be a general thing.

Actually now after using Python and its really good docs make the Javadocs of e.g. the JSEE look a bit shabby. Javadoc and of course the whole standard library is just huge with loads of classes. Python on the other hand almost always seems to have same functionality but with a much simpler API. Now I jump from x to y I know but that’s almost anagolous to DOM4J’s huge API compared to XOM‘s tiny, easy and well thought through API (which is expected from Elliotte Rusty Harold of course). So a nice API in Java is possible but does not seem as ubiquitous as in Python (which of course has bad examples too).

January 10, 2006

hifi and highend

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some people (notably my sister ;) think I am a bit mad just even listening to highend cd players. But once you are hooked you cannot stop. Working in the digital business makes you still wonder how a digital technology as a CD can sound so different.

docutils 0.4 released

Filed under: reStructuredText — see @ 11:55 pm

just found the release of docutils 0.4. Guess I need to check if my own restserver does still work. It worked with 0.3.10 (never actually released) so it should do but one never knows…
I wanted to do a (tiny new) release of the restserver anyway, so a good time…

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