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December 19, 2005


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just read this which “inspired” me for this thought…

did not post something for quite a while, now 3 in almost a row… Still it seems some people are bloggers and some are not (like me probably). I guess no one reads these things here anyway, still sometimes I have a slight need to post this stuff but longer times I don’t…

maybe a blogger needs a big ego or he writes for himself…

maybe, whatever…

king kong or not?

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just saw King Kong, Peter Jacksons new film. I guess it was impossible to live up to Lord of the Rings for him and so I even did not expect to see such a good film. Nevertheless I was still a bit disappointed. It is not a bad film but just a bit long, a little bit boring and altogether a bit irrelevant (hard thing to say I guess). You know the end. You know Jurassic Park (which I think was already bad) and even if dinosaurs are in the book you immediately compare it to JP. You know slimy monsters and insects even from Indiana Jones (temple of doom) just that here they are bigger.

Well a bit of wasted time but on the other hand I would have even been unsatisfied not to have seen it…

One thing I wonder though if the the film will live up to its costs. It does not look bad but certainly not 200 million $… and a film not called LOTR will hardly pull enough people for over 3 hours into the cinema. They even had a break…

When watching DVD I don’t mind a break or even need them as I drink to much (limonade) which has to go after a while so I have to go after a while… But in the cinema a break is just awful.

December 18, 2005

retest and OS X

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I get an email from Paul Bissex who successfully uses retest on OS X. I put the finding online and shortly after received more reportings which never happened in the time retest was online before which is about 3 or 4 months? Funny enough 2 people who sent reports use OS X, one Fedora. Maybe not statistically useful but nevertheless got me thinking. Do OS X users more likely communicate with other users? Or just coincidence? I guess not that many people use Python on Windows (are there any statistics?) and of course I put my own succesful tests (on Windows) online, but still at least a bit funny…

December 17, 2005

Python, RSS, Powerpoint

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I read the very interesting post on converting RSS to PPT. Davy uses with which I had problems as it uses the signal library which seems a bit platform dependent and therefore lacking a few things in Windows. The script does work without signal but I choose to use by Mark Pilgrim which I knew of but never really used before. I read the Python and RSS intro by Uche Ogbuji and Mike Olson. This article is actually from 2002 and rssparser has been changed a bit. It was easy to figure out the changes to do and so I run the RSS to PPT conversion with the following code:

import rssparser
import win32com.client

RSSFeed = ""

feed = rssparser.parse(RSSFeed)
##feedkeys = ['feed',
##    'status',   # HTTP status
##    'version',  # RSS version
##    'encoding', # RSS encoding
##    'url',      # RSS URL
##    'headers',  # HTTP headers
##    'etag',     # ?
##    'entries',  # RSS items
##    'bozo']     # encoding bozo

PowerPoint = win32com.client.Dispatch(r'PowerPoint.Application')
Presentation = PowerPoint.presentations.add()

for item in feed['entries']:
    ppSlide1 = Presentation.Slides.Add(1,2)
    ppSlide1.Shapes(1).TextFrame.TextRange.Text = item.get('title', "(none)")
    ppSlide1.Shapes(2).TextFrame.TextRange.Text = item.get('description', "(none)")


Really nice. I don’t really know if it may be useful for professional projects as of course it needs Windows with Powerpoint installed which is a problem on most webservers which came into my mind for a possible option where to use it…

I guess I should look a bit more into the win32all package (or maybe better IronPython?).

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