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September 18, 2005

TurboGears on rails…

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Just found TurboGears, a ruby-on-rails style web framework in Python. I guess I check it out as soon as I find some time. Maybe it is just a clone of RoR but hey, RoR seems the thing everyone wants and using a language like Python for it is just as good or even better. Personally I am not too keen on learning yet another language after investing quite some time in Java and later Python (and I don’t like the Perl like parts of Ruby, but this is not going to be a Python-is-better or other which-lang-is-the-best rant…).
I still do like Python a lot and were particularly amazed that TurboGears integrated Kid, which is at least what I know of it a very fine templating system. I have to admit we actually used some ideas of it, namely the attribute syntax, for an XML templating framework for a system running in Java. Only some ideas of kid were used obviously (for Java) and we added a new part which I think is missing from kid (generating attributes, correct me if that is possible in Kid) but everyone involved found the system very elegant but powerful at the same time.
I think the first time I read about Kid was on where even Elliot Rusty Harold who normally is very critical about anything (which by the way I do like as critical or even negative reviews are much more helpful than all too cheering ones) did reckon it a fine design idea.

Only problem will be to find a provider offering Python (which would be the same for Ruby by the way) as I currently have PHP and even Tomcat so I am able to use Jython but no Python yet. Well, let’s see…

(by the way, I just noticed this blog does not insert links for URLs automatically, guess I am more used writing docutils syntax where that would happen just so)

September 4, 2005

Drax and Thanos

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Just finished the Infinity Crusade Crossover from 1993, a massive Marvel comic crossover over about 15 issues of various series from that time. The review I read reckoned it not the best but altogether is actually was quite funny.
I noticed during the Warlock and the Infinity Watch series that Jim Starlin used Drax the Destroyer as a very comical character but very sympathetic as well. Here he plays quite a funny role too even during his fight against Thor (watching the sun going nova admiring it and saying something like “nice view”…).
But also the end I liked quite a lot Thanos contemplating about himself but also saying to Mephisto something like “even devils should be careful doing business with Thanos”. Quite relaxed reading actually, not as sincere as some series before or after were and are (Thor sometimes is very sincere, and also volume 1 of my favourite character the Silver Surfer, which is nevertheless one of my favourite series too, Volume 3 is much more in this relaxed mood maybe as it was written in a much different “era”).

September 3, 2005

online again

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both my websites and including this blog were offline for almost 2 days. My ISP does not really know why but suspects a DNS problem. Sometimes an inopportune time as I cannot even put a note on the site when e.g. only a part (PHP, Tomcat or whatever) are not available, not even my email did work fully.

Well, everthing’s online again, hope there will be no such long offline period any time again soon…

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