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July 31, 2005

cssutils 0.8 alpha release

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I released a new 0.8 alpha from cssutils. It took me quite a while to get back into my own code and thinking (after almost a full year) and I almost redid the whole package. I think I am a bit more fluent with Python now than a year before but still find a lot of areas I cannot get my head around.

Despite its problems I still have some circular imports in the package which do not work as expected sometimes, I guess I should get rid of them if possible. Also the logging is still more a mystery than a feature currently. It does work partly but sometimes I did not know why it behaved the way it did. I use a singular loghandler module for all logging but sometimes got logged a message 2 or 3 times which should not have happened…

Anyway, hopefully I get round to twist the code that it works I’d like it to work…
And the new release already is much stabler in parsing than the older one which I am quite pleased about. The parser uses regexes now which I used quite a bit in the last few months for other projects. Still some questions and problems open but they helped making the parser behave better than before. It does not seem to choke on CSS comments in a given stylesheet anymore. I might do even another parser using pyparsing but am not sure as there are lots other things to do before.

Also I plan to do a new serializer, maybe even an XML serializer of a CSS stylesheet. Should actually be quite easy (well, we’ll see :) and may even proove interesting for validation. I thought of actually writing a Schema for this CSS-XML which might be easier to maintain than a CSS special format which the current CSS format is.

Well, lots of plans and not much time… I sometimes wonder if I am just slow (I was under the impression that I am not that slow really) or if I spent too much time on stuff that is not really relevant. I guess one reason I am not as productive in Python as I like to be is that I do all Python stuff in my spare time and not being trained as a programmer does not help either.

July 22, 2005

movie titles in german…

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Saw the second to last Hitchcock movie I got on DVD (which are altogether a whopping 36 at the moment…), “Stage Fright“. I did not expect a lot being from it being a 50s one, around the same time some really good but intense and dark film like “The Wrong Man” and “I Confess” came out which I think are really good but also not films for any day and any mood. But I was totally surprised watching a very funny, ironic, british humored movie which I like very much.

Total insanity is the german title of the film though. There are lots of silly german titles for foreign films but this is one of the stranger ones. German title is “Die rote Lola”, which means something like “the red(haired?) Lola” – where is the connection to the original title “Stage Fright”?! Probably it has something to do with Marlene Dietrich having a major role and the time the film was released in Germany in the 50s but still very strange. Watching it totally out of it “release” context demytifies the german title totally.

I did not even notice the strong connection to the theatre stage the film titles even begin with until watching the making-of on the DVD. It seems I did not really translated the original title in my head to make sense to me although I watched the movie in original language of course but the german title was probably still spooking around my head…

July 12, 2005

pyXSLdoc bugfix release

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while using my own tool after almost a year again I noticed a few small bugs. Fixed them and also set the --verbose option to always on as I had problems myself even remembering it… I also noticed that messages might be better but I’ll probably won’t bother redoing the thing as it works quite well (at least for my taste). I might redo some parts if I ever add XSLT 2.0 support to it but I am still trying to finish Michael Kays book about 2.0 which is absolutely great in any sense of the word (ok, lets say massive…). also I cannot use 2.0 during work currently as we have to stick to Xalan (implemening only 1.0) for a while. I was tempted during a migration of complex XML files to a new format but got perfectly maybe even better through it using Pyanas simple Python extension possibilities.

July 7, 2005

london bombings

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Why do people do such things? I’ll probably never understand and are much too naive for understanding violence creating violence creating violence creating violence …

even impossible to be sarcastic about it which I am about most other stuff

July 4, 2005

encutils and Python std lib

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I suspected there should be libraries in the Python lib that do what I was looking for in encutils and today I found them. I looked through “Python In A Nutshell” again and found at least mimetools.Message which I – at least partly – re-did.

I guess there is still much to learn and know, the standard lib does contain lots of stuff I suspect it would contain but have not noticed yet.

Well, at least I got some more experience writing stuff… (and maybe encutils contains a bit more than the stuff that’s already available).

July 2, 2005

RelaxNG Documentation

Filed under: RelaxNG,reStructuredText — see @ 6:58 pm

There is an new mailing list about my favourite schema language (not that I have used many and thoroughly but anyway), the RelaxNG user list.

A current topic is schema documentation. When I wrote my first bigger set of RelaxNG schemas I actually thought about that quite a bit as I had to do at least some kind of docs for the client and also the programmers of the framework using that specific XML format described by the schema. For now I simply used simple comment and basic annotations (“# comment” or “## annotation” in the compact syntax which I prefer). People accustomed to DTDs probably understand the compact syntax without knowing RelaxNG, at least the more simpler parts of it. I also used Oxygens RelaxNG diagrams to give a visual overview of the XML format.

I did notice however that a better documentation with maybe examples and more stuff would be handy, even a simplified version for people actually using the grammar and not building on the grammar would be quite useful at times. Therefor at first I though of simply adding a RelaxNG part to my own XSLdoc app which does about the same for XSLT what Javadoc does for Java. In documentation for RelaxNG (having a compact syntax by itself) would actually be quite nice to use the Python Docutils wiki like syntax I use for my XSLT documentation.
I do know the [ ] syntax for structuring Relax annotations but I think I’d prefer a simple and much more readable wiki like syntax to a more explicit-markup like syntax like relax [] stuff.
From a Docutils documented RelaxNG schema it would be easy to generate a set of XHTML documentation (or other formats of course) like the ones Javadoc generates. I still quite like that docs even that I do not use Java that much. They come in handy when using a Java library from e.g. Jython or simple to look what a particular lib does. Actually I prefer Javadocs to most Python documentation as it is much more standardized.

I think using wiki-like markup is easier for most people than actually using more explicit markup like XML or HTML.

Well, at least a very interesting new mailing list which I guess I will follow quite regularly. (BTW, all XML related mailing list seem to have only a small set of people actually using it, you see the same names all over again. Wonder what other people use to keep informed and ask questions…)

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