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October 22, 2007


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October 29, 2006

live concert and CD music

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I went to a live jazz concert (a young german piano trio called [em]) in one of probably germany’s best jazz clubs. The convert was very very good and I bought the CD right away at the club.

Normally I try to sit right at the front the see what is going on on the stage, preferably near the drummer, which mostly is the most interesting (in this case very much indeed!). The music is a bit distorted actually as the piano is of course not as loud as the drums as it is farther away and even the amplifiers have no change against a drummer :) . Still the music is great. Strange thing is when I listen to the music on CD afterwards. Now the piano is much more prominent, the drums are a bit more in the background. Seems logical of course but makes the music quite a bit different.
It would be great to be able to listen to one’s own mix where e.g. the position of the listener may be rearranged e.g. behind the drums, near the piano or near the base player, so much more dependend where one actually sits during a concert…

Maybe in the jazz club I went it is a bit more dramatic than elsewhere as the stage actually is in between the listeners which sit on both sides of the band (the other sides are a wall and the area to the bar where again some people sit and listen). So one actually is able to site quite near the drum and the piano is on the other side of the stage, not just on the left and right like on a normal stage but at the front and at the back…

April 10, 2006

Good Night and Good Luck

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saw the very stylish new film by George Clooney yesterday. I never realized how much I do NOT know about the McCarthy era. Good film but I would like to see a film about the whole history of the events. The only thing I recently saw was a small excerpt of hearings by the McCarthy committee with some people of the film industry on a DVD making of – I forgot which film but kind of remember it may have been a hitchcock movie?

Great music score by the way, instantly got the CD today…

January 10, 2006

hifi and highend

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some people (notably my sister ;) think I am a bit mad just even listening to highend cd players. But once you are hooked you cannot stop. Working in the digital business makes you still wonder how a digital technology as a CD can sound so different.

June 27, 2005

London Flat London Sharp

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just bought Dave Brubeck Quartet’s “London Flat London Sharp”, one of the liveliest jazz CDs in the last months (I got a lot of jazz this year ;)

really quick, sounds old (meaning traditional) and very modern at the same time and actually fits the title too. reminds me of London and makes me wanna move back there…

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