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October 4, 2006

Life and Death

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Just noticed I had 6 posts on category Life and also 6 on Death. As Death is a subcategory of Life (at least in this blog ;) and Life has also subcategories Death is actually more present than life. This entry changes all this again but anyway… strange observation

September 15, 2006

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July 8, 2006

corporate work

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Currently I work inhouse at a customer of the company I work for. It is quite a big organization, not huge but I guess around 200 people altogether. It itself is owned by a larger international corporation. Working there and seeing how projects are actually done is quite interesting. At least in this case the efficiency level is almost unbearable (negative of course), teams working against each other, development is very difficult because of the OS policies in place. I understand a strict security policy for “normal” meaning people like concultants, secretaries or e.g. callcenter operators may make sense and may save money in the long run buy enfording a basic level of security. On the other hand IT developers are just plainly hindered by a policy which even prevents a right click on the Windows task bar…

I guess it is not easy to distinguish between security and accessibility (which I would define here for being able to work at a PC without too much hassle) but at least in this case the security aspect is just way too high prioritized and hinders any real productivity.
Funny thing is, the same company uses IE as its main browser which is a disaster for security so if any user (average or developer) really wants (or accidentally does) breach security the tool to do it with is part of the corporate policy ;)

April 6, 2006

work time

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I have some theories about working efficiently, one would be: Never work too much on one project, at least not in “one piece” meaning in one continous time span. And I guess my theory got another proof today of being not quite wrong.

A project being late “forced” people on the project to work overtime and also through the whole weekend. The result of this tour de force showed today in one being ill and the others of course being a bit tired and not at the peek of their normally very high programming ability.

I guess the time “pre-done” on the weekend will be caught in during this week and (after another work-through weekend) even more in the next meaning in the end, no time saved at all but just more time used for maybe even less quality.

This is not the fault of the people themselves who just tried to do good. It is probably no ones fault but nevertheless some thinking beforehand and better planning would have saved some time before. Also a more concentrated work (which in this case was also hindered by a difficult working environment) would have saved more time and resulted in better quality than doing lots of overtime work with additional work over the weekend.

Doing a step back and looking at the problems at hand with a fresh eye normally saves more time and results in better work than doing loads of additional hours. I guess that’s what XP (extreme programming) means by 40hours/week should be normal…

February 21, 2006


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captain was a real dictator
but was just bored and quit
so first mate became the captain
but as strange it may be
sank the ship just altogether

thinking is not everyone’s thing
thing is it’s sometimes just too hard
do not think but do it just like so
maybe you will succeed but -
failure greets you most the times

July 7, 2005

london bombings

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Why do people do such things? I’ll probably never understand and are much too naive for understanding violence creating violence creating violence creating violence …

even impossible to be sarcastic about it which I am about most other stuff

June 14, 2005

suicide on rails

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I wonder why people commit suicide on rail tracks. Today the train I was travelling with, caused such a death (and consequently delayed all people for at least 2 hours). Maybe the suicidalist actually wanted to put off all these people…

Anyway, in my opinion there are far nicer possibilities for suicide. Apart from my first unintentional attempt by trying to plug my lego train into the main power outlet to speed it up when I was about 5 or 6 years old (nothing happened BTW, I just ruined the train…) I always imagined if I really wanted to commit suicide it would be in a nice way and in a way I could do something I always wanted to do namely flying (I guess only germans write such long sentences…). I imagined jumping from a really high mountain or better a skyscraper would at least be some fun. Of course there is the danger of actually hurting innocent bystanders by “dropping dead on them”. (This gets silly…) Also there is the danger that while actually flying it makes so much fun that the death wish finally is no one anymore…

Sorry for babbling about probably a sad thing but well…

(And sorry for the title, any similarity is totally intended as anything seems to be “on rails” currently).

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