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May 6, 2006

Installing Python for Nokia 6680 (Series 60)

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Albeit a detailed article in c’t magazine including download links it takes me quite a while to install the Nokia phone emulator on my PC. The article is not really correct as they have a table with needed SDK versions but miss a column with the basic Symbian SDK in it (see step 1 below).
I had older versions of almost all files lying around from a try last year which was not really successfull. At that time I did not really look into it as I had no real phone anyway but this time I have my new 6680 lying around…

Anyway this seems to be the preferred files including links to current downloads (at least for 6680 which is Series 60 Symbian OS 8.0a 2nd Edition FP2) which is explained in detail (and in english) in Getting started with Python on Series 60 2nd Ed_FP2:

  1. install the Nokia SDK (or newer)
  2. install the Python SDK and unzip the current version from Sourceforge into the SDKs folder (under epoc32). The automatic installer did not do this on my machine but I installed the first file anyway as it includes some docs and examples. (of course you need to have Python on your computer installed beforehand but that you’d have anyway, would you not?)
  3. install Python for mobile phone (which I did before of course ;)

That’s about it. The emulator runs on my PC and now I can (and maybe will ;) try something with it. First thing I noticed that my PC is way faster than my phone, maybe there is a way to emulate a slower mobile. You should try the demo script which is nice on my phone but too fast and running wild on the emulator.

April 23, 2006

Python on Series 60

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Finally decided on my new phone and got a Nokia 6680 instead of the N70 I was originally interested in (better camera but keys too small and still not available at my phone provider…). Great phone at first sight and much better than the Motorola L6 I got at work this month which is slimmer and lighter (and cheaper of course ;) though.

So of course I installed Python for Series 60 first thing which was the main reason I got a Series 60 in the first place. 6680 is still quite expensive (for my taste) and physically quite big too but is one of the best Series 60 phones currenty available.

I looked into various scripts and even tried the interactive console on the phone which of course is a bit of pain to work with on the phone keyboard. I guess I need to get a bluetooth adapter for my desktop PC or maybe even the Nokia keyboard.

The ones I tried this far are a simple mandelbrot set script and a few from including a simple speed test which needs the miso module. The 6680 has a speed of 220800 and seems (seen naively) to be twice as fast as a 6600.
I have a few days off in the next week and maybe I find some time to try a bit more. Well, a new toy again :)

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