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July 12, 2005

pyXSLdoc bugfix release

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while using my own tool after almost a year again I noticed a few small bugs. Fixed them and also set the --verbose option to always on as I had problems myself even remembering it… I also noticed that messages might be better but I’ll probably won’t bother redoing the thing as it works quite well (at least for my taste). I might redo some parts if I ever add XSLT 2.0 support to it but I am still trying to finish Michael Kays book about 2.0 which is absolutely great in any sense of the word (ok, lets say massive…). also I cannot use 2.0 during work currently as we have to stick to Xalan (implemening only 1.0) for a while. I was tempted during a migration of complex XML files to a new format but got perfectly maybe even better through it using Pyanas simple Python extension possibilities.

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