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June 27, 2006

Cool forms

Filed under: Javascript,Web — see @ 9:13 pm

A cool forms generating Ajax Web application. Really nice…

Does it really pay off to build your own stuff now?

June 20, 2006

Another Javascript library

Filed under: Javascript — see @ 8:33 pm

Just found the JQuery Javascript library which seems reasonable. It is small (10k), seems easy and understands XPath which is easy to use (if you like XSLT ;) .

I guess I try it out on the next project that comes up…

May 14, 2006

IE 7

Filed under: CSS,Javascript — see @ 12:15 pm

After a first test about two months ago I tried out Internet Explorer 7 (beta 2) again. Here is a good description of how to use it together with an installed IE 6.

I wanted to know if my own sites and and also the sites I have been building for people I know still do look right stylewise and are working properly. To my surprise at least my own sites look just like they should and work well apart from one exception. I do use some rather complex DHTML stuff like scrolling etc which all are working well regarding that the last major Javascript updates I’ve done is well over a year or even two ago. At the time I developed most of the stuff there were no Javascript frameworks like prototype, Dojo or MochiKit around and I put up my own a tiny helper scripts which are in no way a complete framework but still helped and now show are still not too bad.

For the stylesheets I expected even more failures but it seems all is looking rather well. I guess I was lucky using the right CSS hacks which still work. In most cases I try to minimize the hacks anyway and it seems this works out now.

I guess on further and more detailed investigation I’ll find a few glitches but that is for another time. Maybe I even wait for the final IE 7 version which should not but I expect will change some rendering again…

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