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January 11, 2006

cdot update

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After quite some time I did some work on I put some drawings online I did last year and rearranged quite a few things along the way.

For quite some time now I use a custom XML format which contains data for a “gallery” which contains single work items or series of work items. This XML is transformed to HTML with XSLT. A small set of XSLT renders almost all major galleries on the website now which is convinient and a hassle at the same time. New features and improvements are automatically on all pages but of course all pages need to be checked too. As this still seems almost impossible to automate this is quite some work… maybe I can check out Selenium or another web test framework but I doubt it will help much as I have not only to test for text etc but for a nice layout.

At least the site is small enough to do all by hand…

November 20, 2005

drawing by hand

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After a long time I did some drawing again. Just by hand with a pencil. I am actually using 6B pencils exclusively as they allow all type of strokes, tiny and light ones and at the same time broad and heavy ones.

I have a Wacom tablett too in A6 which is just enough for my needs. I still have an old serial A5 one on my old PC but A5 almost seems to large for actually drawing on the computer.
But I prefer using pencil and paper as it is much easier for quick sketches and I can still not get used to map my hand movements to the screen view which is ok for mouse usage and image processing but still quite weird for actual drawing.

Most drawings I do are quite small and I normally did scan them with an old Snapscan which is still sitting around. But this time I was just too lazy to boot that one up and also it seems to scan some random coloured noise sometimes. So I just used a digital camera instead. It’s only a 4 megapixel one but that is enough even for printing, at least for my needs. Although one has to be careful when doing the “photoscan” which gets shaken quite easy but it seems much more convinient than scanning.

Was actually quite fun to do some hand drawing again which enables a much quicker experience than computer drawing still. The only thing I am missing is a go-back function as it is much better than a rubber ;)

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