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February 12, 2009


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what links one get over twitter is just marvelous…

71% Geek

(and I know why my score is so low, at least partly because I use windows…)

and be careful not to order anything, just the quiz is free ;)

September 20, 2008

removed generated twitter posts

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just for the record, I removed all generated twitter posts. Due to messing up the tagcloud (they were not tagged and effectively “uncategorized” simply was too big). Also there was the doubling of posts on twitter AND this blog’s feeds (sorry Paul and thanks for the hint).

All original posts are available on twitter of course so nothings really lost. Comments given for any posts on this blog are removed too though. They were just a couple and please don’t be annoyed if I removed your comment…

October 9, 2007

bringing Windows down, esp Vista…

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There is quite an easy way to bring almost any Windows down (I somehow remember also Ubuntu had this problem). Just insert a CD or DVD in the drive and somehow try to mess with the automatic things that now try to figure out what to do. I burned a backup DVD today (BTW with the very good – but very slow too – and free CDBurnerXP) and when done I wanted to look at the contents to check it. CDBurnerXP (like Nero etc) ejects a DVD when finished and I just put it in again and started the Windows Explorer. This messed up Vista so much that both CDBurnerXP and the WE both crushed down and also the complete OS went downhill. Vista seemed to work and I could open the task manager and try to kill both processes but that did not do what it should. Also logging off did not help. It took about 10 minutes to get to the Vista welcome screen with the message “logging off” but during that it just hang and I had no further patience (after about 30 minutes all in all during which I did something completely different in my room of course) and just pressed the power button. Not very nice but I guess no normal user would even wait this long neither longer and I doubt Vista would have gotten out of it then…

Is it so difficult to write a CD/DVD driver that it does not bring a complete OS down to its knees??

BTW, other than that I am quite pleased with Vista which I installed during the weekend (after upgrading my CPU as well :) ). Installation of Vista itself took about 1 hour after which I installed all needed drivers which took another few hours but I had no real problems during this. I recall installing XP some years ago (yes, only 1 install in about 4 years, so I guess XP is quite stable although I tried out lots of tools and other software) was a major hassle as some drivers (mainboard or graphics or IDE? I do not really remember) had to be installed in a specific order. If not the whole install was messed up so I had had to start all over again. Vista did not break down at all although this was my first install and it does seem to have spread some tools all over the place (at least not where they are in earlier versions of Windows) so it took me longer to get aquainted than expected. Differences from 95 to 98 to NT to 2k to XP were not half as high as between XP and Vista…

So OS and Hardware did install quite well and also most software does work as expected. I noticed that I hardly use any buyware anymore although I have bought quite a few licenses in the last years. Things like ACDsee which I used in version 3 for years now (old but fast) is not really needed anymore as the explorer does all the things I want anyhow. I now use CDBurnerXP although I have Nero which came with my DVD-Burner.
I was almost surprised that Photoshop 6 works (which BTW I got with my digital camera about 6 years ago. I know, the camera (which was expensive at its time) sucks today, but I still like Photoshop, even this old version. And today I guess there is no room for an expensive software bundle with cheap cameras). But I also installed Paint.NET which is quite nice.

Another thing that is more convenient these days is that quite a lot of software does not need to be installed at all anymore. I use Scite (a simple exe), Eclipse (I think there is not even an installer), but also stuff like Thunderbird comes as a standalone exe now. Normally made for USB-sticks but they are very convenient on a normal HDD too.

September 27, 2007

this server is lame

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oh my, this server is really slow

I installed wp-cache yesterday so reading should actually be better (not many visitors come around so probably overkill) but writing is really a pain…

September 23, 2007


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Just added recaptcha which is simply available as a WordPress plugin. Guess I should add it to my normal site’s comment form as well (from which I normally spam only though).

September 13, 2007

not again a survey…

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I guess I should not even post my score but on the other hand why not? says I'm an Uber-Dorky Light-Weight Nerd.  What are you?  Click here!

(via Grig Gheorghiu, and I guess I do about any survey that is available…)

July 29, 2007

Blogger Code 2.0

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Sometimes I do surveys (just for fun, most questions are quite dumb anyway). Anyway, this is my Blogger Code 2.0:
B6 D+ T K- S F- I- O+ X– E L- C- Y4 R- W+ P+ M5 N- H

July 1, 2007

blogging style

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I just noticed I use ellipses and ;) quite a lot in my posts. (And I do like notes in parenthesis too I guess ;) )…


June 2, 2007

this blog has moved…

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I moved this blog to its own domain as the traffic has gone up a bit too much and it’s getting near the limit of my old site…

Moving has not been difficult. First I tried a manual transfer of posts, categories, comments etc as I failed to find the “export” function in WordPress – kind of embarrassing… It did work though but I though to be sure and not miss any hidden deeper problems I reset the DB and made an export from the old domain and imported the data here. So I guess it does work now as before.

Still have to redirect the old blog to this one, should be easy though.

BTW, I guess there won’t be a more frequent update to this blog in spite of its own domain. I just thought about moving anyway, so after some months thinking I finally just did it.

May 17, 2007

only solution a whitelist?

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I get about 200+ spam emails a day for some days now. There seems no possibility for Thunderbird to recognize these and 200 or more compared to about 2-10 wanted emails a day is simply too much. The only solution seems a whitelist which I effectively started today. I guess there will be mails being lost to me but it is way too much hassle going through 200 mails every day (not even counting the ones being reported as spam by my mail program). I am afraid if I cannot check my mails for a day or two as then the stack piles to nearly a 1000 emails which simple takes too much time to look through.

So if you really need to contact me and you are not someone I expect a mail from I don’t know what a reliable way there is anymore… for the people who have my phone number that’s ok, for others you may want to use the comments on this blog which of course are filtered too and I take the time to look through only about once a month as the ratio of spam to wanted comments is even worse of about 100:1 not counting recognized spam of course.

So this post is filed under death, and I guess emails is like that now, nearly unusable as I guess I even have not one the highest email/spam traffic of even the limited amount of people I know. Sad.

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